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Taiji Ruler DVD or Downloads

Learn Taiji Ruler, and deepen your ability to coordinate movements, and instill confidence in your ability to learn movements more quickly and accurately.

Because the ruler is held between the palms, on the acupuncture points known as the Lao Gong Points, the Yin and Yang aspects stay true to form, which helps the student correct any misalignment with shoulders, arms, and hands in each posture.

Students learn how to transition movements from the various stances in the form, like the twist, front leading, and empty stance, while rolling and manipulating the Ruler. This also helps the student learn how to keep arms and hands at a measured distance throughout each movement.

This makes it a great form for every level, but highly recommended for the beginning Taiji student.

(Handmade rulers are available. We’ll have them up on the site soon, but if you are interested let Beca know at beca.lewis (at) gmail (dot) com

Sample Video – click to play

NOTE: If you come to Del’s local classes, he has these DVDS, plus rulers, and you can purchase from him directly. If you wish to order in bulk, he will sell them to you at a discount (based on the amount you wish to purchase). Contact him to work out the details: (330) 299-8054

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ruler_horizontal_125-125Taiji Ruler DVD
100 Minutes of Instruction
Plus, a few additional exercises and drills.

buy5._V192207739_ Price: $25.00


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