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Taiji is a slow moving, connected sequence of Chinese self-defense postures, in union with correct breathing, principles of proper body line-up, looseness of joints with attention on relaxation, flexibility, softness, balance, mental focus with all action and power being generated from the root, directed and controlled by the waist and finally expressed in the hands and fingers.

7-Step Taiji

This 7-Step Taijiquan Stationary Yang Family Style form is a comfortable place to begin your practice of Taiji.

Because it is a stationary form, it is easier to learn how to move arms and hands in sync, along with the proper rotation of the upper body, and how to shift weight from side to side, without the worry of coordinating feet and legs at the same time.

Seated follow-along-videos are included. Watch these to learn how to feel the proper movement of the upper body when turning side to side and shifting from side to side. This practice will help ground you in proper body alignment, which will substantially increase the benefits of doing Taiji.

After learning the stationary 7-Step Taiji, you will be comfortable learning the moving version of 7-Step Taiji, which is also included.

NOTE: If you come to Del’s local classes, he has them, and you can purchase from him directly. If you wish to order in bulk, he will sell them to you at a discount (based on the amount you wish to purchase). Contact him to work out the details: (330) 299-8054

7 Step Taiji
7StepFRONT_Cover_3_15_14-017 Step Taiji DVD
83 minutes demonstrating how to do Yang Family Style 7-Step Taiji.
Includes stationary, moving and seated versions of the form.
buy5._V192207739_ Price: $25.00


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