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The Spiral Of Perception Workshop – Module 1

For many years Del studied with Native American Elders like Twylah Nitsch, Wallace Black Elk, Sun Bear, Rolling Thunder, and Mad Bear. It was Twylah who gave Del the Seneca Circle of Truth. She taught him the deep meanings of the months, animals, colors, and so much more. In the late 1980’s she asked him to teach what he had learned, “so that the teachings can live.” These teachings are multi-dimensional, complex, and profound. The purpose of the study is a greater self-awareness and understanding of the Oneness of Life. To make them as accessible as possible we have divided them into a series of modules. The first module sets the principles and basics in place which are necessary to understand the rest.

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Qigong and Taiji

Reality Shifts With Del

Shift-The-Story-Podcast Listen to this series of podcasts called The Reality Shifts where Del talks with Beca about everything you can imagine ... as long as it leads to mindfulness and acting from the inside out.

The Secrets Of The Months

Shift-The-Story-Podcast In this series of Podcasts, Del walks you through everything you never knew about each month. Why? Because each month has messages for us. Don't miss them!!